Aimee Droddy - The Droddy Group - Palm Beach Real Estate Team

Aimee Droddy


“For us, the absolute most important part of our job is cultivating the relationships with our customers. If by the end of the experience we’re not great friends, then we didn’t do our job.”

Jason Droddy - The Droddy Group - Palm Beach Real Estate Team

Jason Droddy


“Our business, like us, is about performing, not conforming. We’re not your typical real estate agents and we make it our mission to convey that through our work ethic and the superior service we provide.”

Kevin Droddy - The Droddy Group - Palm Beach Real Estate Team

Kevin Droddy


“After the military, I never imagined I would find something as fulfilling as that was, but I truly believe that I have found a new purpose in real estate. It is so rewarding to have a career that allows us to continue to serve others.”


With headquarters based in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Droddy Group is a real estate team within one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage companies in Florida, Bleu Palms Real Estate, where the team currently holds the position of Strategic Growth Director. Jason, Aimee, and Kevin Droddy are real estate professionals who have built a team of highly qualified, experienced, and driven partners. Together, this team delivers extraordinary service with unparalleled commitment to meeting their customers’ needs. Using very innovative technology, the team is able to market properties and demographically target buyers in a unique way that delivers remarkable results.
Twin brothers Jason and Kevin are military veterans who served 6 years with 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, deploying 6 times and executing over 150 missions each. They were stationed in Fort Benning, GA for the duration of their military careers. Upon fulfilling their contract with the Army, the brothers decided to move back home to West Palm Beach, FL, where they began their real estate careers. Soon thereafter, Aimee left her 8 year career in the Medical Billing industry to obtain her real estate license and join the team. Together, the 3 Droddys created The Droddy Group as a way to combine their real estate efforts and successes in order to give back to the community. As veterans and a former military spouse, The Droddy Group is passionate about helping our nation’s veterans.


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