Droddy Group - Droddy Veterans Project

Meet Jason & Kevin Droddy

Twin brothers Jason and Kevin are military veterans who served 6 years with 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, deploying 6 times and executing over 150 missions each. They were stationed in Fort Benning, GA for the duration of their military careers. Upon fulfilling their contract with the Army, the brothers decided to move back home to West Palm Beach, FL, where they began their real estate careers. Soon thereafter, Aimee left her 8 year career in the Medical Billing industry to obtain her real estate license and join the team. Together, the 3 Droddys created The Droddy Group as a way to combine their real estate efforts and successes in order to give back to the community. As veterans and a former military spouse, The Droddy Group is passionate about our nation’s veterans.

Giving Back

The Droddy Group has been an invaluable resource to veterans for their home buying and selling needs. Not only does the team build genuine relationships with their customers based on mutual trust and camaraderie, but they are actively building a network of preferred partners and professionals who also share a passion for helping veterans. These partners include but are not limited to: lenders who are highly proficient with VA loans, title companies, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, moving companies, landscaping companies, etc who wish to discount their services to veterans, and other real estate professionals around the country who the team can rely on to bring the same level of extraordinary service and unparalleled commitment to customers that The Droddy Group themselves would bring. In addition to this, after each real estate transaction is closed, The Droddy Group makes a charitable donation to Mission United, a faction of United Way of Broward County which offers employment services, legal assistance, education, financial services, health, housing support, and mentorship for local veterans in their own community.
Droddy Veterans Project

We Specialize in Working With Veterans

As a veteran, choosing The Droddy Group for your real estate needs allows you to work with professionals who are familiar with veterans’ unique needs, and can help to alleviate some of the financial burden throughout the process. Your business is also responsible for helping their contribution to Mission United grow.

As a non-veteran customer, choosing The Droddy Group not only gives you the opportunity to work with a talented group that truly invests their heart and soul into each and every one of their customers, but also allows you to give back to the nation’s veterans when the team makes their charitable donation to Mission United once the transaction has closed.


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